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Waxing is a hair removal technique that involves applying warm or cold wax onto the skin in the area with unwanted hair. A cloth or paper strip is then pressed onto the wax and quickly pulled off, removing the hair from its roots.


What We Offer

  • Eyebrow Cleanup 

  • Upper Lip 

  • Chin 

  • Underarm

  • Lower Leg

  • Upper Leg

  • Full Leg

  • Bikini: Regular or Brazilian 

  • Arms

  • Back

Waxing is a popular method for achieving smooth and hair-free skin on various parts of the body, including the legs, arms, bikini area, and face. The results can last for several weeks, and over time, repeated waxing may lead to finer and slower hair regrowth. It's a common choice for those seeking longer-lasting hair removal compared to shaving or depilatory creams.

Eyebrow Wax
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