Personal Pampering Medi Esthetics  & Electrolysis

Smiths Falls Electrolysis, permament hair removal.

Rates & Services

Rates & Services


                                           15 min          $23

                             20 min            27

                              30 min           38

Gel Nails:              Full set         58

                              Refill 2wk     40

                             3 wk              45

                              overlay         40

                              fix                 6

                              nail art           1 per finger

  Gel toes overlay color,               28

 (POW  Pink over white, French)

Manicure Waterless: 

Basic        26                              

Spa          35

Gel polish manicure       35

polish only & file            19


Eyebrow         15         upper lip       10

bikini               30       Brazilian       

Backs                          leg waxing                 


Spa pedicure:                $45

Deluxe Spa:                   65

Mini:                             33

Senior foot Care            19.00 cut, file, cuticle work. thick nails reduced

Makeup Application:    $50

On Location:                   60

HOT STONE MASSAGE:              40   1/2 hr


Acne cleansing                 35

Aromatherapy Facial        79


Dermafile   14.00

manual dermabrasion , skin resurfacing

Rates are subject to change without notice



Electrolysis Procedure







Electrolysis is the process by which a stainless steel probe about the size of a hair, is inserted into the opening of the hair follicle. The following kinds of current are used:

Thermolysis or High Frequency Current produces only heat and this heat will kill the root of the hair and allow it to be easily taken out with tweezers.

Blend Current is a combination of both galvanic and thermolysis and produces a wider range of heat in the follicle and is a very effective current for distorted follicles.

Galvanic Current or Direct Current produces a chemical reaction in the hair follicle. It separates the salt and moiture in the follicle to produce a tiny amount of lye which in turn eats up the root.


Hair growth cycle







Hair goes through a cycle of growth in which electrolysis can permanently destroy hairs only when they are at the "active growth" stage. In this stage they are connected to the blood and oxygen supply that the hair needs to grow. When this is damaged, a new hair cannot grow. Hairs can be removed in other stages of growth, however, a new hair will grow until it is caught in the growing phase.

Some hair can have a curved root which makes permanent hair removal more difficult as the probe is straight and cannot curve with the follicle. Electrolysis will correct the follicle with each treatment and allow the small probe to reach the root more effectively each time. This is why it is very important to stop tweezing once electrolysis treatment commences.


Ontario Health and Safety regulations: single use disposable needles,  sterilization, vinyl gloves and clean towels. we also uses the newest Silouet-tone Equipment


Full body waxing done in a private room, clean, disposable applicators.

Home care recommendations. Discount with four week appointments. 

Underarm wax free with purchase of any other wax service.

Brazilian waxing available must be 16 years of age or over.

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